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Same Day Sealer

Same Day Sealer is our contractor grade solution using the newest technology in waterborne protection for brick paver.


Same Day Sealer is low VOC with the “wet look” of our original paver sealer Cobble Coat.


SDS also helps to inhibit weed growth and ant hills.


SDS is very tolerant to moisture, so in most cases cleaning and sealing can be done in the same day.

  • Contractor grade, water based wet look sealer

  • Pressure clean and seal in the same day

  • Helps locks down paver joint sand

  • Helps inhibits mold, weeds and ant hills

  • Catalyzed product that resists gas and oil.

  • Use SDS anywhere that pavers require protection from the sun or staining

  • SDS is not recommended for pavers installed over a solid surface or on surfaces where moisture is unable to dissipate.

Product Directions

Before You Begin: Surfaces must be clean and free of any contaminants before sealing. SDS performance is directly related to how thoroughly the surfaced is prepared. Do not apply when the temperature of the air or the surface to be coated is below 50°F.


Testing on your surface is always recommended to ensure desired results.


Surface Preparation: Pavers must be clean and free of efflorescence. Scrape and remove all loose material prior to application. Cobble Clean, Cobble Prep and Cobble Oxhide may be used for specific cleaning situations.


Mixing Instructions: SDS is a two component kit. Part A must be mixed with Part B.  A 5 gallon kit includes a short filled 5 gallon pail and a one gallon pail of Part B. Part A and Part B must be mechanically mixed with a power mixer (drill mixed) for a minimum of 2 - 5 minutes.  For application dilute mixed SDS with one part water and one part mixed sealer in a 1:1 ratio. Drill mix for 2-5 minutes.


Applications Roller: Apply with a 3/8” to 3/4” nap roller cover. Avoid over rolling. Always maintain a wet edge.


Airless Sprayer: Spray by overlapping each pass. Always apply in an even film deposit and maintain a working wet line.


On Bare Surface: One and sometimes two thin coats (2 dry mils) provide the best results on uncoated surfaces.


Over Previously Sealed: One coat is recommended.

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