Surface Logix was founded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in November of 1950. In the early years, as today, the company both manufactured and distributed products for the construction industry.

In the first two decades, the primary product manufactured was an integral waterproofing admixture for concrete slabs to prevent the absorption of water through a floor.

From this evolved the development of concrete coatings and curing sealers. In the sixties, the rapid boom of single family homes gave birth to the swimming pool as an industry of its own. Coatings to decorate and protect the pool decks became a new field for Surface Logix. Keystone evolved into chattahoochee and in the 1970's stamped and patterned concrete became surfaces that demanded a new generation of concrete sealers.

The 1980's and 1990's saw the concrete industry innovate with acrylic modified cement toppings and interlocking pavers. Covering large recreational areas of hotels and condominiums. Surface Logix created some of the first toppings and coating systems to properly protect these new products.

From Disney World to Sheraton Hotels, from the Middle East to the Caribbean Islands, our coatings and decking systems are designed to provide beauty and protection to the many faces of concrete whether it be concrete factory floors or penthouse balconies. We look forward to being an innovative leader in this ever-changing market through this new millennium.

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Featured Product

Cobble Grip is a water based semi-gloss finish sealer that helps protect travertine, natural stone and dense concrete pavers. Cobble Grip will provide resistance to UV, mildew and staining.  Cobble Grip can be used on driveways, patios, walkways, and pool decks. Apply to surfaces that are unsealed, clean, sound and penetrable.

New Product

Cobble Strip is an eco-friendly low odor paint stripper designed to remove various types of coatings. Cobble Strip performs by penetrating and softening the paint film. Cobble Strip will remove most sealers, paints, and concrete stains, both solvent and water based.


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What Our Customers Are Saying


Jose Cajigas

"I Love Surface Logix and Their Products! They are the only Products I Trust! Been in business 20 years and most of my work is from other products failing. The Owner and Staff make you feel like Family. I can go in their, having a bad day, and they always cheer me up or make me forget about what I was going through."

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Charlie Silveria

"I’ve been a painting contractor in South Florida for 18 years. There are no better concrete floor and deck coatings manufactured for our environment than the coatings from Surface Logix. Their service and support second to none. DO NOT trust your decks to any other coatings."


J2 Services

"After using Surface Logix products now for 8 Years as a contractor I have always been impressed with their products & staff. They are always there to answer our questions about all their products and give their best advice on how to apply for best results. It is nice to walk into a business and feel like your a part of a family of friends. Thank you Surface Logix! Keep up the great work, thanks for providing great products, and being there for your consumers and contractors!"