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Colorcrete Color Chart


Colorcrete pigmented water based concrete sealer is a unique blend of 100% waterborne acrylic resins that will leave a hard, semi-gloss film, protecting interior and exterior concrete surfaces, SurfaceLogix Texture Deck Systems, and aged asphalt. Often used in staining concrete. 


30 custom colors available (see chart below) 

Colors may appear different when applied due to variations in cement and method of application. It is always recommended to combine different batches. Due to variations in computer monitors, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of colors presented on screen with actual products. 


Please note that all sales on colored products are final. We cannot accept returns on this product.

  • Exceptional durability

  • Abrasion resistance

  • Water resistance

  • Easy clean up with water

  • Water based acrylic product which is environmentally friendly

  • Concrete driveways, walkways, catwalks, and pool decks

  • Top coat for Texture Deck Systems

  • Top coat for aged asphalt

  • Asphalt coloring

  • Concrete staining

Product Directions

Surfaces must be clean and dry before sealing. 


Colorcrete's performance is directly related to how thoroughly the surface is prepared. All grease, oil and potential contaminants must be removed.


Concrete should cure a minimum of 28 days before sealing. Smooth concrete must be etched.


Cobble Clean and Cobble Prep may be used for specific cleaning situations.

Two thin coats of Colorcrete provide the best results. 


Testing the product on your surface is always recommended to ensure desired results.



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