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SurfaceLogix is looking to expand its network of commercial distributors. Our distributors specialize in market segments such as construction supply, power wash equipment and rentals, paver manufacturing and wholesale, paint stores, pool supplies, and landscaping suppliers.

We select distributors who are recognized for attention to customer service and their industry expertise.

Other important characteristics which define our distributors include long term relationships with customers and detailed knowledge of local markets. Involvement in local professional and civic organizations are additional hallmarks of distributors we seek in our network. If this describes your company, please call us at 954-971-9111.



SurfaceLogix is also looking to sign up rep organizations. We are particularly interested in reps who focus on the Southeastern United States and aggressively prospect throughout their region. Prospective reps should be well established in one or more of our key markets such as concrete and paver contractors, painting and coating contractors, pool supplies, landscape supplies, etc.

We provide strong marketing support to our reps including training, collateral materials, technical backup and joint sales calls.

We participate in trade shows in numerous industries and always invite our reps to meet customers and prospects in our booth. We expect our reps to be thoroughly educated in the SurfaceLogix product line. Contact us at 954-971-9111 and talk to our president about representing the entire SurfaceLogix product line.

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