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Cobble Prep

Cobble Prep is an eco-friendly formulation containing no muriatic or phosphoric acid and engineered to clean unsealed paving stones and concrete and prepare surfaces for sealing. This highly concentrated blend will remove efflorescence (white lime residue) and surface stains resulting from fertilizer, vegetation, and mortar. Cobble Prep is economical, easy to rinse, and provides a uniform surface for sealer to be applied.
  • Safer than typical acids

  • Contains no phosphoric or muriatic acids to wash concrete

  • Eco-friendly

  • Remove efflorescence (white circles or clouding)

  • Rust stain removal

  • Cleans berry and vegetation stains

  • Etching concrete

  • Remove stubborn, hard-to-remove stains from concrete, stone, brick pavers and other surfaces

Product Directions

Always test your surface for color reaction in an inconspicuous area first.


Clean individual stains prior to an entire area efflorescence cleaning only.


Apply the Cobble Prep solution starting at the lowest point on the surface.


For effloresence cleaning, work on 200 – 250 square foot sections at a time. Make sure the cleaner covers all areas. Rinse each section without letting it dry.


After the entire area is cleaned, another complete pressure cleaning is recommended. Repeat operation only if necessary.



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