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Cobble Enhancer

Cobble Enhancer will create a wet look without a sheen on natural stone, interlocking brick pavers or porous tiles. 


Penetrating sealer designed for the protection of all medium to dense porous surfaces.


Enhancer forms a wet look barrier that is resistant to moisture, stains and oil.

  • Moisture, stain, and oil repellant

  • Wet look

  • Non-yellowing

  • Breathable

  • Exterior use

  • Porous stone, brick pavers, and concrete

Product Directions

Apply Enhancer liberally with brush or roller saturating all areas.


Allow materials to stand on the substrate 3 to 5 minutes and then remove excess puddles of the product before it dries on the surface.


Excess material should be back rolled or wiped with absorbent cloth to mop up the excess.


One uniform coat should provide the best results. However two coats may be required depending on substrate porosity.


Full effect requires 24 -48 hours to cure time.



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