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Texture Deck

SurfaceLogix' Texture Deck System has been the standard for concrete resurfacing since 1985.


Use the Texture Deck Bags with the RTU resin or 48% resin concentrate to create a variety of patterns on old and new concrete.


When mixed properly, the Texture Deck System can be applied to create a knock-down texture finish, stone finish, and a variety of patterns using tape or stencils.

  • Economical concrete resurfacer

  • Stronger than conventional concrete

  • Unlimited patterns and designs on concrete

  • Works on old and new concrete

  • Product for decorative concrete resurfacing

  • Pool decks

  • Driveways

  • Patios

  • Walkways

  • Concrete Decor

Product Directions

Apply the Texture Deck System to clean and dry concrete. Smooth concrete will need to be acid etched.


A coat of cut resin can be applied as a bonding agent to ensure better adhesion.


Wait 30 minutes after rolled bond coat is applied and no longer than 5 days to do the job.

In a clean 5 gallon pail start with 4 to 5 quarts of RTU resin or the 48% concentrate resin (cut in half with water 50/50). Slowly add, with drill mixer ready in bucket, one 50lb Texture Deck bag of powder.  Mix entire bag into the bucket until a uniform pancake batter consistency is achieved.


Allow to sit for 3 minutes then add a pint clean water on top of the blend and remix for 1 minute.


Use this bucket up within 45 minutes as the product will begin to set up.