7 Types of Concrete Surfaces and The Products You Need on surfacelogix.net

From floors to roofs, these are 7 concrete areas and the surface products that go with it

There is a lot of concrete in your home. You have a driveway, a sidewalk, and a ground floor. You could also have a patio, a tile roof, a pool deck...the list goes on. But no matter where you have concrete, one thing is for sure: you need to protect the quality and appearance of these concrete areas. However, not all products are perfect for every paver, slab, and tile.

So how can you choose the best ones? We’d like to help by showing you some common concrete areas and the best products for these locations. Remember, these are just suggestions, so talk with a professional to get the exact look you desire.

1. Outdoor patio: Cobble Enhancer

If you have an outdoor patio that you use for grilling, relaxing, and enjoying fresh air, then you can protect and enhance the appearance of the pavers with Cobble Enhancer. This is a wet-look, penetrating sealer that protects the pavers from the weather without delivering too much shine. It’s one of the top sealers for porous stone and brick pavers, making it an excellent choice for outdoor patios.

2. Driveway: Cobble Coat

Your driveway will take a lot of abuse over the years. Along with the wear and tear of driving, it will also be subject to oil and other chemicals from your vehicle. Because of the heavy abuse, your driveway needs a quality protectant like Cobble Coat. This product, along with the High Solids version, this is one of the most reliable surface products for protecting concrete on your driveway.

3. Garden walkway: Antique Stain

Few areas of a property look as majestic and elegant as a walkway winding through a garden. To enhance the charm and beauty of the area, it helps to have a surface sealer that protects the concrete and gives an antique appearance. Antique Stain is a semi-transparent sealer that rejuvenates walkways while giving an acid-stain design without the use of acids.

4. Tile roof: Roof Loc

Tile roofs not only look fantastic, they’re also more cost-effective and generally longer lasting than traditional shingles. However, to maintain their quality and vibrancy, they need a good sealer. Roof Loc is a product designed specifically for concrete and cement roof tiles that helps fight UV damage and fade, mildew, and algae, and comes in a convenient two-part kit.

5. Concrete surface with design: Coloron

If you want to take your boring concrete patio or driveway and turn it into a work of art, you need the right surface products. Coloron helps you get the right colors for your specific design. You can choose from dozens of different colors to use on your walkway, patio, driveway, garage floor or pool deck.

6. Pool deck: TD One Step

With kids running around and water splashing all over, pool decks need slip-resistant surfaces to help protect against injuries. TD One Step delivers a decorative, non-slip surface that makes pool patios look clean and elegant while giving solid footing to everyone around. It’s also available in many colors, giving you plenty of design options for your pool deck.

7. Interior concrete: Colorcrete

Interior concrete can look out of place and dull if it’s left alone. Most people will choose to cover it with carpet or tile, but for a truly-premium appearance without a high cost, you could consider staining it. Colorcrete is a pigmented sealer that is great for turning a ground floor into a unique, one-of-a-kind space.

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