Rejuvenating Your Patio Pavers in 3 Easy Steps

Want to make your patio pavers look brand new? You can do it with these 3 simple steps.

If you have a outdoor patio made from concrete pavers, you know how fantastic this area can look. When built right and cleaned properly, it can be one of the most impressive areas in your entire home. However, when it’s not cleaned and maintained, it can start to look pretty worn out. So how can you restore the pavers and bring back their vibrant color? It’s actually pretty easy, and can be done in one day...

Step 1: Washing and rinsing to clear the area

The first step you need to take to begin rejuvenating your pavers is to completely clear, wash, and rinse the area. You’ll want a clear day with little wind and no rain, so check the forecast before you get started. If the day will be pleasant, clear off the patio by removing any furniture, plants, tables, decoration and other items.

Once your patio is cleared, begin removing any weeds that have grown through the cracks. You can use gardening tools or a knife as long as the weeds are gone. Now you can use a large broom to sweep away the weeds, removing any large clumps of dirt and debris in the process.

Is the patio clear? Now take your garden hose and rinse it down thoroughly. If you have a pressure-washer, that will work even better. Once it is rinsed, you’re ready for a cleaning and surface prep product.

Step 2: Clean and prep for a spotless surface

After you’ve sprayed it down, the patio is probably looking pretty sharp, but you can’t stop there. Use a cleaner and prep product to remove any stains or discoloration. While the pressure-washer will remove dirt, sand, and grit, the cleaner and surface prep will give the pavers a clean, restored appearance. If you want to remove oil, grease, tire marks or food stains from your patio pavers, a biodegradable cleaner like eco-friendly Cobble Clean is a smart choice. If you need to remove stains from sprinkler water or fertilizer rust, try eco-friendly Cobble Oxhide. Once your surface is clean, be sure to rinse well.

Step 3: Sealing and coat to protect for years

Now that we have cleaned and cleared the surface, we need to ensure the pavers keep their brilliance for years. A high-quality sealing and coating product will do the trick. Sealers form a clear barrier that repels water, dirt, oil, stains and weather damage, leaving you with pavers that look brand new for many years.

Depending on the sealer used, pavers need to be bone dry. However, if you like the convenience of cleaning and sealing in the same day, Cobble Loc Original or Matte can be used when pavers are damp.

You’ll now need a long-handled roller that you can use to apply an even coat of sealer across the entire patio and maintain a wet edge when rolling or by overlapping each pass when using an airless sprayer. Make sure you leave yourself an exit strategy, as you don’t want to trap yourself in and have to walk over the sealer. Apply an even coat without leaving any puddles. When using a non-film former like Cobble Impregnator or Cobble Enhancer, make sure to remove any excessive sealer that has not penetrated the substrate.

Not sure what sealer to use? There are many products that will deliver different tones and textures, so you have some options. If you want a wet look with no shine, you can go with the Cobble Loc Matte. If you want a natural look with a vibrant sheen, you can choose the Cobble Coat H2O, a water-based concrete sealer that works perfectly for pavers. If you’d like to explore your options to find that perfect look, contact SurfaceLogix today!