Reinvent Your Driveway With These Concrete Sealer Ideas on
Sealers and color coating: the affordable path to a million-dollar driveway

Is your driveway looking old and faded? Do you wish it had the luster and elegance to match the rest of your home?

You might think that tearing out the concrete and installing a new driveway is the solution. However, this can cost up to $3,500—or more if you have a long driveway.

Staining, however, is an affordable option that can help give your driveway a whole new life. For less than you think, you can get the color stains and tools you need to make your driveway a work of art.

Want some ideas to get started? Check out these excellent design options that you can use on your driveway...

Use a single color that will complement your home

One way to make your home look even better is to use a concrete coloring that will complement the hue of your home. For example, if you have a home with brown siding, a similar pigment may look very nice rolling up to your home. This will give the property a united, cohesive appearance.

Use stain for a rustic, antique appearance

Does your home have a traditional stucco exterior and a tile roof? Then you can enhance the rustic, old-world appearance of your home with an antique-themed stain. SurfaceLogix has Antique Stain, a semi-transparent stain that creates the acid look that is great for a venerable appearance.

Use stencils and stains to create custom graphics

Maybe you like the thought of an impressive design placed right on your driveway. If that’s the case, you can use stencils and various stains to create any design you like. You can go with something simple and elegant to elaborate and detailed; the choice is yours. Some common designs are stars, checkered patterns, and flowers.

Use a combination of sheen and matte

One way to make the driveway standout is to use contrasting themes. You might choose complementary colors, for example, SurfaceLogix offers over 20 colors options in both Coloron and Colorcrete, both offer a solid color appearance with a satin color finish. You could also use opposing textures. By combining a dull matte finish with a sleek shine, your driveway will be even more noticeable. Texture Deck colored with Antique Stain over plain concrete is a great option to try.

Use saw-cuts and concrete stains to create faux tile

Similar to a natural stone design, you can use cuts and a concrete stain to make the driveway look like tile. This is a much more cost-effective technique compared to real driveway tile, and with thousands of combinations for size, color, and layout, you can choose the design that best fits your personal taste. Call us for a contractor to help you, we may know someone in your area.

Add a designed border

If you just want something simple and dignified, consider adding a colored border to your driveway. It will make the driveway look more high-end without making it too opulent. A stained border is a clean, modest, and quick way to improve your driveway without spending a fortune.

Top-quality concrete products backed by the experts

Want more ideas for improving your driveway? Contact SurfaceLogix today and speak with our experts about sealers, concrete stains, and cleaners. Whether you want to protect your driveway from damage or make it look like a high-end drive, we have the experience and knowledge to help.