Cobblestone areas need special treatment to keep them looking great for years

Cobblestones are an excellent way to give your property curb appeal. These natural stone create a rustic, old-world appearance that is clean, simple, and elegant. Yet like all high-quality surfaces, cobblestone needs proper care and maintenance. To learn more, let’s take a look at what cobblestone is, how it can be protected, and what products will help maintain its appearance.

With this information, you’ll be able to keep a cobble surface that looks great for years!

What is cobblestone?

When discussing walkways, patios, and driveway surfaces, you might hear the term “cobble” or “cobblestone.” These terms can be used to describe many areas made from bricks and manufactured material, but they generally refer to surfaces made from natural (or natural-looking) stone.

It might surprise you to learn that “cobble” is a geological term referring to medium-sized stones, usually two and a half to ten inches wide.

Traditionally, stones were dug from nearby areas, providing a building material that was robust, reliable, and readily-available. Cobblestones are usually held together with mortar, but they can use sand like modern concrete pavers. However, when differently-shaped stones are used to create a surface, mortar is usually a better choice for holding them in place.

Cobble has been used to create streets and buildings, but the decorative style is now seen in patios, walkways, and driveways, providing an elegant surface that has depth, character, and charm. While it traditionally refers to natural stone, “cobble” now applies to brick pavers, manufactured rock surfaces, and other imitation surfaces as well.

Proper maintenance for cobblestone areas

So how can you fully protect and maintain your cobble? You should start with proactive steps like regular sweeping and rinsing. Dirt, dust, and sand can gather on your cobble surfaces, causing staining, discoloration, and damage, so make sure to clean your surfaces on a regular basis.

You’ll also want to consider applying sealers and color enhancers, which will not only protect your cobble surfaces from damage, but also increase the visual appeal of the area.

Cobble Impregnator

As a low-VOC, water-based sealer, Cobble Impregnator is not only effective, it is also environmentally friendly. This product is excellent for protecting stone and other materials, including marble, concrete, and porous tile, all while maintaining the surface’s natural appearance. One uniform coat of cobble impregnator should be enough to provide years of high-quality protection to your cobblestone surface.

Cobble Enhancer

If you want to give a wet look to your cobblestone surface without a sheen, Cobble Enhancer is an excellent choice. This penetrating sealer can protect against moisture, staining, and oil, delivering lasting protection for many different surfaces.

The right choice in surface protection

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