What products are appropriate for your surface?

If you have pavers or a surface where moisture is unable to dissipate or where water retention is an ongoing issue, then penetrating, breathable sealers are recommended.

If you have pavers that are installed over a concrete slab, this can also become an issue if there is not proper drainage. In these situations, we do not recommend using a film-forming sealer, such as Cobble Loc or Cobble Coat, because the excess moisture trapped in the surface is likely to cause the sealer to haze or blush.

A penetrating sealer, such as Cobble Impregnator (NS for natural stone or CP for concrete pavers), allows your surface to breathe while still providing protection. If using Cobble Impregnator, it is important to remove excess or puddled product from the surface within 15 minutes of application or before the product dries. If necessary to recoat, do so while the first coat is still wet.

While finding the look and finish you want is important, it’s more important to ensure that the product you choose is appropriate for your surface in order to provide a lasting sealing application