Paver Stains: How to Properly Apply and Make Last on

Learn about colored sealers like Coloron, Colorcrete and Antique Stain for pavers and how you can make them last with a clear sealer coat like Cobble Coat.

If you have a patio, walkway, driveway or any type of surface that uses concrete pavers, you have likely heard about colored sealers. These products are popular among homeowners and are surprisingly easy to apply, but do you know how and why they should be used?

Let’s take a look at colored concrete sealers as well as the importance of another vital product: the clear sealer.

What a colored sealer or colored stain will do for your pavers

Before we discuss applying a colored stain like Antique Stain for concrete pavers, we need to talk about why these products are used. As you might have guessed, concrete stains and sealers are used to change the color of concrete. They can be applied to large concrete surfaces giving color and character to an otherwise dull surface, or they can be used on pavers lending a vibrant, lively appearance to your outdoor patio, walkway, or driveway.

While many people like the color of their pavers when they are new, they can fade overtime. This will be especially noticeable in areas that have a lot of foot and car traffic or areas constantly subject to sunlight. Overtime, your pavers may lose their luster. Stains can restore the look of your original pavers providing an affordable option compared to redoing the area.

Staining process: how to properly apply the stain

Anyone who is fairly handy can apply colored sealers and Antique stain. First, you will need to make sure your pavers are able to absorb the stain. Concrete is a porous material, and sealers are used to lock out moisture. However, when applying a colored sealer or stain, you want it to seep into the concrete. Take a hose and wet the surface; if water beads off, so will the stain. If you are redoing old, faded pavers, it’s likely the sealer is worn out, so moisture should seep in, which in this rare case is a good thing.

If your pavers will absorb the stain, give it a thorough cleaning with a broom, removing large pieces of dirt. You should also pull up any weeds that may be sneaking up in the cracks. Now is the time to treat any stains with a cleaner made specifically for certain issues. Cobble Clean is a biodegradable dirt and grease cleaner, or Cobble Oxhide is used to remove sprinkler rust and fertilizer stains. It’s always recommended to pressure wash when possible. Let the surface dry completely.

Now you are ready to apply your colored sealer or stain. If you are staining the entire surface, you can use a roller to apply the sealer from end to end, using slow, steady rolls to ensure an even coat, always maintaining a wet edge. Make sure to minimize brush marks to ensure a perfect finish. Now allow it to dry thoroughly.

The importance of sealers on concrete pavers

It looks great, but you’re not done yet! You need to protect the newfound glory of your pavers with a concrete sealer. Sealers will lock in the stain and keep out dirt, water, oil, grime, and other contaminants that can disrupt the vibrant new color. Sealers are an essential part of maintaining concrete pavers, and no staining project is complete without them.

Find the right concrete paver stains for your home

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