Non-Skid Additive

Non-Skid Additive

SKU#:  8820

Non-Skid is an additive which suspends easily in both clear and opaque sealers. Unlike sand, this additive will stay in suspension creating a more uniform texture on the surface. Available in two grit sizes; Regular and Coarse. Anytime a surface is coated, it may become slippery. A non-skid additive can be incorporated to help this from occurring. It is the sole responsibility of the applicator to determine whether a non-skid additive should be added and whether it will work properly for that surface.   Also available in 20lb quantity. 

  • Aids in clear coatings from becoming slippery
  • Adds to security and safety of walkways
  • Walkways which become damp
  • Pool decks which are slippery due to pool splashing
  • Public walkways which are a risk to children or elderly

Add the contents of a small container to one gallon cans and mix thoroughly for 2 to 3 minutes. For 5 gallon pails of product, use one large container. Available in regular and coarse grades.


MSDS available at request

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