5 Gallon Pail of Hydro Bar II

Hydro Bar II

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Hydro Bar is a waterproofing chemical compound used to stop leaks in stucco or concrete where a fast setting cement plug or slush is needed. May be used under the most adverse conditions, even under water. Hydro Bar I is designed to work faster with Portland Type I cement, and Hydro Bar II is designed to work faster with Portland Type II cement.

  • Speeds setting of concrete and Texture Deck bags
  • Provides early strength
  • Improves workability
  • Counteracts set retarding caused by cold weather
  • May be used in concrete slabs to increase strength and water resistance
  • Patching cracks or holes in concrete under adverse conditions such as running water, cold water, or active seawalls.
  • Cement plug applications

Cut back and down in crack or hole where water is seeping through sufficiently to receive material. Dry mix 8 parts of fresh Portland cement or high early cement to 1 part clean dry sharp sand. Take 1 – ½ cups of this mix and add enough Hydro-Bar to dampen. Remove mix from container and kneed in your hands, mix should be stiff like putty. If mix is thin, add more dry mix. When mix starts to get warm, smear portion of it in spot that is to be plugged: this is to insure a good bond. When mix gets hot, ram it in place and hold with a steady pressure with a cloth or block of wood for 30 Seconds.


MSDS available at request
ECO Earth Friendly Formulation

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