1 Gallon of PFT 1100

PFT 1100 2 Gallon Kit

Clear Topcoat
SKU#:  PFT-1100 2GKIT

In addition to PFT 1000, PFT 1100 is offered as a high performance topcoat used to encapsulate flake or quartz decorative systems.

  • Solvent based clear topcoat for PFT systems
  • Dries quickly allowing rapid return to service
  • Excellent resistance to UV rays
  • Provides resistance to brake fluid, gasoline, bleach & acids
  • Flexible allowing for natural concrete movement
  • Highly resistant to cracking and peeling
  • Ideal for either indoor or outdoor applications
  • Exterior durability is unlike typical epoxies
  • May be applied too garage floors, warehouses and driveways
  • A high performance topcoat
  • May be applied to garage floors, warehouses and driveways
  • Ideal for either indoor or outdoor applications

Applying the clear topcoat. First evaluate the basecoat for proper application and appearance of flakes, this is the best time to fix any mistakes. If there are areas that lack enough flakes, apply a thin layer of clear and then flake that area once again for better coverage. Then apply the clear over the entire surface. After 8 hours it’s safe for very light foot traffic and is ready for full return to service in 24 hours.


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ECO Earth Friendly Formulation
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