Sealing your pavers is beneficial for protection and aesthetics. Sealed pavers resist staining, fading and general wear and tear better than unsealed pavers. Depending on the look you want and sealer you choose, you can help bring back the life to faded pavers by using an enhancing, wet look appearance sealer, such as Cobble Loc or Cobble Coat.

Before and After Sealing with Cobble Loc

If you are wanting more drastic changes, you can use a semi-transparent pigmented sealer, such as our Antique Stain, to create an acid stain look without the use of acids, or you can completely cover your surface with a solid color sealer, like our Coloron or Colorcrete.

Colorcrete Application on Pool Deck

Concrete and paver sealers allow you to fine-tune your hardscaping project to achieve the creative look you want, while protecting your investment so that it lasts for years to come. If you have questions about what products would be best for your individual hardscape situation, don’t hesitate to call our application experts toll free at 855-971-9111 for detailed advice and recommendations.