With proper application, most people find that our sealers last up to 2 – 3 years before they need to reseal. The minimum amount of time before we recommend resealing is 18 months for film-forming sealers, however, penetrating sealers may require resealing before 18 months. With paver, natural stone and concrete sealers, remember that less is more! If your surface is sealed multiple times, especially without leaving enough time between applications, you can experience hazing from over application.

When applying sealer, remember that less is more!

General durability of the sealer application depends on multiple factors, including surface type and porosity, how the sealer was applied, traffic on the sealed surface, overall weather conditions in your area and location of the sealer (in the sun, shade, etc.). In general, film-forming sealers tend to last longer before resealing is necessary than penetrating sealers. Film-formers create a barrier on top of the substrate, while penetrating sealers protect from underneath the surface of the substrate.

Water Beading on Pavers Sealed with Cobble Impregnator, Penetrating Sealer

If your surface used to bead water when it was first sealed and it now absorbs water, then it is likely that your original sealer application is no longer creating a barrier and your surface can be resealed. Most people find themselves in this situation several years after the initial sealer application.

All SurfaceLogix products are manufactured with the finest raw materials. It is ultimately the applicator's responsibility to determine the appropriate use of the product. All recommendations and suggestions are made without guarantee, as conditions of use are beyond our control.