There are multiple reasons for why someone would want to remove a sealer, from extreme blushing or hazing due to moisture entrapment, general uneven application or peeling from poor application, buildup of sealer from multiple applications, application of the wrong sealer for your surface or just to bring your surface back to an unsealed state. In order to remove sealer, solvent-based or water-based, one needs to use a stripper that can be used for sealers. We carry a sealer stripper, Dad’s Easy Spray, that can be purchased in our store in Pompano Beach, FL. Paint and sealer strippers are chemically very hot in order to cut through solvent-based sealers, so always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application and safety measures, including wearing a respirator that meets their recommended requirements, or find an experienced contractor in your area to do the stripping for you. If you are removing multiple layers of sealer from several applications over the years, or removing a thick application of sealer, be prepared to do multiple stripping applications to remove all of the sealer. Depending on your preferences, another option for sealer removal is sand blasting.