Fall is here! With Autumn upon us, the leaves are changing colors and falling - onto your concrete and pavers! While it's a beautiful season, the leaf stains left on your pavers are not so beautiful. Wondering how to remove those pesky stains?

Autumn Leaves on Paver Patio, Leaf Stains Can Be Removed with SurfaceLogix Cobble Prep

We've got the answer! Traditionally, leaf stains and other organic stains (such as from falling berries or flowers) have been tough to remove from concrete and pavers and can be a serious eyesore on your otherwise perfect hardscape. SurfaceLogix Cobble Prep is a concentrated cleaner containing no muriatic or phosphoric acid, that you may have used in the past to remove efflorescence, but did you know that it also powers through tough leaf and organic stains? 

This Autumn, don't let falling leaves get you down! Try Cobble Prep and easily remove leaf stains and other organic stains from your concrete and pavers and keep your hardscape looking great through the holiday season.